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The best place to make real progress in building your Virtual Tour business: gaining knowledge & insights in an international success-oriented community of creators.

Leap8 Pro Community with Ronald doing a livestream
Ronald making a Loom recording explaining to Orin what he was asking about Children interaction button.

Gain advice from the community or through office hours

Ask by posting a question, by using the chat or hopping in our Gather to discuss on live on video instantly in the virtual coworking. The more you are willing to help others, the more help you might get back. We record quick screenrecordings to answer questions asked in post or chat, which is usually 10 times more efficient than answering by text.

Alternatively we host (paid) weekly office hours in which Ronald answers as many questions from the group as possible. As it is set in a group, you can also learn from other people.

Together with an international oriented community

Beside Roel & Ronald being from the Netherlands, we're currently with over 20 members from Germany, Greece, UK, Canada, US, Australia and South Africa. We're all in different timezones and try to be there for everyone. Most of our events take place around 4pm CET.

Map of the world with locations of Leap8 Pro members
Leap8 Kickoff party on Zoom

Different perspectives, different skillsets, different industries

The beauty of an online community that has people from all over the world, is that we all think differently. We all have our own background, culture, believes and technical skills. Some various skillsets we have: DSLR shooting, drone experts, 3D rendering, 3D scanning, javascript coders, psychologists. And focussed on various industries: influencers, nursing homes, city marketing, virtual shops, architecture, art galleries.

Subjects we focus on

Building responsive skins, implementing a CMS, applying dynamic designs etc. We've got you covered.

Designing a responsive Skin in 3DVista for desktop, mobile & tablets

Which items in 3DVista are common to use. How to work with containers, naming conventions and building a responsive skin for each device and each browser.

Dynamic Design in 3DVista

Using Javascript snippets or any other method to design once and attach the content dynamically to it. Avoiding duplication as much as possible.

Building an external CMS

Managing content within 3DVista can be challenging. By building an external CMS, your client can easily change the content without republishing the virtual tour.

Creating Search & Filter functionality

Creating a search & filter functionality to index your hotspot content, panoramas or all of your virtual tours. Can be partly done within 3DVista, mostly outside 3DVista with tools such as Webflow.

Expanding Business

Looking at various business models. How to get started or how to create new business. Getting new clients, keeping track of your existing clients, making sure your taxes are all set when selling internationally.


Asking questions, guiding the visitor through different storylines depending on their answers.

Auto Pilot camera movements

Show the right angle when entering a panorama, pause when needed and tell the story.

Some of the awesome benefits of being part of our Leap8 Pro Family

Gain help from experts 🔥

Share your screen, tell us what you stumble upon. Or ask the question in the forum space. Get a more in depth answer by an expert creating a screenrecording for you to really help you forward.

Broaden your perspective ⛰

When you're building Virtual Tours for the hotel industry, it's nice to see how Virtual Tours are built for different industries, such as e.g. for schools. This can provide you with insights on how to upsell your own clients in new ways.

Network of people with different skill sets 🌍

Maybe you're a pro shooting high resolution DSLR panoramas and your client is asking to create a 3D rendered space. It's nice to have some experts in the family that you can ask to do this for you!

Feel part of a likeminded group ✨

It can be challenging to work alone as a freelancer or as the only employee in the company who understands the technical part of VT building. Sometimes you just need to speak out loud your situation to others to know what to do next.

Learn at your own pace 📚

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced tour creator, you can view the recorded workshops and all the other knowledge base items gathered over more than two years time.

Insights & Motivation to achieve your goal 🎯

It's easy to get into a negative mood, it's much harder to stay in the positive. We're not always positive, yet we focus on it as much as we can! :) means of

Weekly Office Hours

In our weekly office hours you can ask the expert in a group setting for help with challenges that you're facing. Feel free to share your screen or ask the expert to share his screen. Truly understanding what's going on and figuring out a way to either solve or guide you into the right direction.

Bi-weekly Meetups

If you're building Virtual Tours for the hotel industry, it's nice to see how Virtual Tours are built for other industries, such as for schools. In which you can suddenly figure out those cool addons to upsel your own clients.

Virtual Coworking space

In our virtual coworking space you can just be, without necessary talking. Work on your 3DVista project or focus on your admin stuff. And when you'd like, you can walk towards other Leap8 members to start a conversation. It creates the space for informal talk, just like at the office grabbing a coffee.

Workshop Replays

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced tour builder, you can watch back the recorded workshops and all the other knowledge base items gathered over more than two years time.

Jobs & Collaborative Projects

Some of our Leap8 Pro members like to outsource more work than they have, others like to take on those jobs. As we're meeting each other regularly.

Clean Forum

Asking your question when there's no event happening or nobody is present in the virtual coworking space.

Leap8 Creators

With our own unique superpowers,  we believe that we can push virtual tours to the next level together by consistently showing up and helping each other in the creative VT pro community. We both love automations!

Ronald van der Weijden
3DVista Trainer | Workflow wizard | Talker

Ronald is the extraverted talker who likes to host meetings and connect people together. He loves explaining new exciting concepts towards groups of people. Beside 3DVista, he loves Airtable, automations and other no-code tools.

Roel profile picture
Roel de Wit
Tour & Video Optimisation | Hosting wizard

Roel is the introverted backend guy who likes to create new exciting concepts. Creating a super fast and easy to use hosting solution that is dedicated for Virtual Tours or compressing 360videos to the extremes that it gets smaller than most 360photos.

Leap 8 essentially fills in the gaps in a creator's knowledge allowing for the full breadth of what that creator is capable of to soar higher than they could alone. The collaboration, sense of community support, and sheer proficiency of technical know-how is simultaneously awe-inspiring and creatively motivating. I highly recommend the Leap 8 community to any 360 creator looking for growth.


Virtual Tour Creator

A fresh and exciting leap into the future of 3DVista capabilities with a vibrant, diverse and creative group of VR professionals who can follow the lead of some of the most experienced practitioners in the field - who all have in common that they have a general need and desire to support, challenge and help each other when they can and be proactive within this community - to expand exponentially together on all that is possible.
Ruud profile picture


Marketeer, Designer

I wanted to thank the early group for their continued encouragement. It really means a lot. I especially want to thank Boaz and Jasper for ideas and encouragement. I'm also looking forward to connecting more with Andries. It will probably be another two months, but as soon as I have something to show, I will post it here in Leap8.
Orin profile picture

Orin Levy

Executive Producer

Roel & Ronald helped me understand that I had to focus again on certain clients instead of doing everything for everyone. The result: finally clients signing contracts.
Theodor profile picture


3D Renderer @Greece360


A recap of the capital improvements that you are about to make

What's the price of Leap8 Pro membership?

Leap8 Pro has a freemium model. Almost everything is for free. As a community the real value comes from helping each other out.

There's a few things you can purchase:
- 3DVista Pro Support weekly office hours with Ronald
- Private training hours with Roel and/or Ronald
- Validated products & services from other members in User Groups.
- Projects (duh!)

Is it only about 3DVista?

3DVista is a common ground that most of us share. We also discuss other types of software such as: Airtable, Webflow, Sketchfab, Make etc.

How large is Leap8 Pro?

The Leap8 Pro Family currently has around 30 members.

Do I have to...?

Within Leap8 Pro you don't have to do anything. You can do things and we love to encourage you to join our events, share some of your work and/or resources you're using. The more you participate & help, the more fun & interesting it gets.

Apply Today

1. Register at Leap8 Pro.

2. Write an introduction.

3. Join our Leap8 events.

4. Learn and contribute valuable content.

5. Be nice!